- Established 1974
The CYPRUS STUDY CIRCLE is a leading Philatelic Society affiliated to the ASSOCIATION OF PHILATELIC SOCIETIES (ABPS). Formed in 1974 by people interested in the Stamps, Postal History and Postal Markings of the Local and International Postal Services of Cyprus through the ages. The society is always involved in new and extensive studies of the philatelic aspects of the Island and is constantly producing new Study Papers. The societies vast knowledge is vital to collectors of Cyprus Philately. The society is a leading light in using technology to both store and distribute to its members all its accumulated knowledge. OUR OBJECTIVES In addition to the Study of the Stamps and Postal History of Cyprus is that of assisting our members in the advancement of their knowledge. Assisting with Philatelic Research through study and acting as a link to other societies with similar interests. Our studies are reported in our publication the CYPRUS CIRCULAR POST (CCP) and by producing STUDY PAPERS. Publications that embrace all our accumulated knowledge since 1974 is currently available on a single Memory Stick only available to Society Members. ENCOURAGEMENT TO NEW SPECIALIST COLLECTORS The society is particularly keen to encourage and assist those who are considering specialising in the philatelic material relating to the Island of Cyprus.                                        Press the JOIN BUTTON to find out about joining the society