- Established 1974
The   Society   has   a   significant   amount   of   published   material   all   of which is available to Members in electronic form. Our    inhouse    magazine    the    Cyprus    Circular    Post    (CCP)    was started   in   1974   the   commencement   date   of   the   Society   with   copies available    to    members    from    1974.    Full    availability    is    now    only available in electronic format. Our   Study   Papers   produced   to   date   are   listed   to   the   right,   all   have been    well    reserched    and    are    an    invaluable    source    of    both knowledge and inspiration. All   information   is   now   available   to   the   membership   on   a   single Memory   Stick,   all   data   is   fully   indexed   and   is   exremely   easy   to use. The   CCP’s   are   fully   indexed   by   Subject,   Title   and   Author   with direct links to SP’s where relevant. The Auction   Studies   have   a   cross   index   available   allowing   items   of a similar nature to be compared. Another   useful   facility   is   the   ability   to   cut   and   paste   information from the studies to your writeups. Our Memory Stick MS01v2.1 is the latest release PRESS THE JOIN BUTTON to be able to order this unique Research Tool. Prices are as defined in the CCP and will vary depending upon location of the Purchaser. THIS IS A SUPERB WORK VITAL TO ALL COLLECTORS OF CYPRUS Orders should be placed with the CSC Treasurer see details in the (CCP). Existing Memory Stick holders may have their Memory Stick updated see the details in the CCP
Published STUDY PAPERS to Date  SP01 - Publicity Hand Stamps SP02 - CIVIL CENSORSHIP SP03 - AIR MAILS 1929-1960 SP04 - Large Overprints of 1888 SP05 - The Returned Letter Office of Cyprus SP06 - The Square Circle Cancelleations SP07 - Mail Services used by UNFICYP Civilian Police Units SP08 - Postal Markings of Cyprus SP09 - The Cruttwell Collection SP10 - Cyprus During WW1 Period 1914-1921 SP11 - Money Order Offices SP12 - The Warwick Collection SP13 - Registration Labels SP14 - The Charilaos Collection SP15 - Booklets Study Paper SP16 - Refugee Stamps Study. SP17 - The Tony Eastgate Collection SP18 - The William Frew Collection SP19 - The Stamps of GB Overprinted “CYPRUS” SP20 - Rare Cyprus Philatelic Material - Spink Sale July 2019 SP21 - The “Dubois” Collection of Rare Cyprus Stamps. SP22 - Rare Cyprus Stamps inc. The “Tatiana Collection” SP23 - The ½ piastre Overprints SG23 & SG25. SP24 - The Cyprus Government Railway SP25 - Flaws in Post Independence Stamps of Cyprus SP26 - The Period of use of GB stamps in Cyprus SP27 - Cyprus Slogans SP28- The Derek Greasley Auction SP29 - RAF Cyprus Covers SP30 - The Austrian Post Office in Cyprus SP31 - The Lusignan, Venetian and Ottoman Periods Where SP’s are updated the original Print Files are still available as part of the modified SP.