- Established 1974
CYPRUS CIRCULAR POST The next issue v24.05 has ben distributed to Members MEMORY STICK MS01v2.1  Is now available as an update to existing Purchasers and available to New Purchasers - see CCP v23.02 for the full details. Our Memory Stick was given an Vermeil at the International 2020 Exhibition where it was judged under FIP International Rules. It was shown to the RPSL SW Members at its Spring Meeting where it caused quite a lot of positive comment. For new purchases costs have been slightly increased to reflect postage rates from 1st January 2021 UK - £15.00 For Memory Stick + £2.40 pp = £17.40 Europe - £15.00 For Memory Stick + £3.70 pp = £18,70 Rest of World - £15.00 For Memory Stick + £4.65 pp = £19.65 THIS IS A SUPERB WORK VITAL TO ALL COLLECTORS OF CYPRUS - You may only purchase this Momory Stick if you are a Member of the Cyprus Study Circle (CSC). Orders should be placed with the CSC Treasurer see details in the Cyprus Circular Post(CCP). Existing Memory Stick holders may have their Memory Stick updated see the details in the CCP RURAL POSTAL SERVICE a listing of Villages and the current status of Postal Facilities has been produced see the listing here - It will be incorporated into SP08 where the village information can be cross indexed to the village knowledge in SP08 making this listing a more useful and powerful tool.