CYPRUS STUDY CIRCLE - Established 1974
OUR   NEW   MEMORY   STICK   MS01   is   now   available   to   Members   Only    -   This   device   contains   over   40   years   of   knowledge   gathered   by   the   society   and published   in   the   Cyprus   Circular   Post,   Study   Papers   and   Auction   Data.   The   device   is   fully   indexed   and   delivers   information   capable   of   being   used   in   many   ways   due entirely as the result of all information produced by the society being available on a single source. Possibly the best single source of information about Cyprus Philately that is now available. PRESS THE PUBLICATIONS BUTTON to see the full content. To gain access to this source of data vital to all collectors of Cyprus Philately PRESS THE JOIN BUTTON  and become a member. CYPRUS CIRCULAR POST  - The last issue V21.04 has just been released and will be included on the next MS01 Memory Stick update