CYPRUS STUDY CIRCLE - Established 1974
The List of Study Papers Published to date listed by Study Paper No. 1 . Publicity Handstamps 2 . Civil Censorship (both Original & Revised Versions). 3 . Air Mails 1929-1960 (both Original & Revised Versions). 4 . Large Overprints of 1886 5 . The Returned Letter Office of Cyprus 6 . The Square Circle Cancellations. 7 . Mail Services used by UNFICYP Civilian Police Units 8 . Postal Markings of Cyprus 9 . The Cruttwell Collection. 1 0 . Cyprus During WW1 Period 1914-1921. 1 1 . Money Order Offices. 1 2 . The Warwick Collection 1 3 . Registration Labels 1 4 . The Charilaos Dikaios Collection 1 5 . Booklets Study Paper 1 6 . Refugee Stamps Study Paper 1 7 . The Tony Eastgate Collection. 1 8 . The William Frew Collection
The    society    has    a    significant    amount    of    published    material    all    of    which    is    available    to members in electronic form. Our    in    house    magazine    the    Cyprus    Circular    Post    (CCP)    was    started    in    1974    the commencement   date   of   the   society   with   copy   available   to   members   from   1974   -   date   in electronic form. Our   Study   Papers   produced   to   date   are   listed   to   the   right   and   have   been   well   researched   and an invaluable source of both information and inspiration. All   this   information   can   be   supplied   to   Members   only   on   a   single   Memory   Stick,   having   all   our data stored on a single device have enabled addition research tools to be developed. Our   CCP’s   can   be   searched   by   Title,   Subject   and Author   allowing   CP’s   to   be   selected   based upon need, this search also gives a direct link to Study Papers where relevant. The   Auction   Collections   can   be   compared   using   another   tool   allowing   members   to   directly compare like for like in various collections. One   other   useful   facility   is   the   ability   to   cut   and   paste   information   from   the   Memory   Stick   to Collection Write Ups
MEMORY STICK MS01 can be ordered by Members for the Price of £15.00 plus postage and packing (dependant on zone). Information about actually placing an order and who to contact is provided to Members. PRESS THE JOIN BUTTON - become a member and gain access to this vital information.