CYPRUS STUDY CIRCLE - Established 1974
The   Cyprus   Study   Circle   was   formed   in   1974   and   has   a   significant   worldwide   membership   all   sharing   a   common   interest   of   Cyprus   Philately.   Since   our   creation   we   have   accumulated   a significant amount of knowledge all of which can be made available to society members. Members   are   kept   up   to   date   with   all   latest   research   through   our   in   house   publication   the   CYPRUS   CIRCULAR   POST   (CCP)   which   along   with   a   Newsletter   is   available   FREE   via   email or at a small charge by post. Select the PUBLICATIONS Button above to find out more about our publications and availablility to MEMBERS ONLY MEETINGS OF THE SOCIETY   - are held twice a year in London and offer:- - Displays of Philatelic Material - Annual Competitions - Auctions of Philatelic Material relevant to Cyprus - An opportunity to meet and discuss items of mutual interest with other members. The   society   is   a   leading   light   in   using   modern   up   to   date   technology   to   both   store   and   circulate   its   accumulated   knowledge   to   its   membership. To   date   we   circulate   CCPs   to   members   via secure email and we use Memory Sticks to circulate the complete compendium of CCPs and all our Study Papers. Press the MEETINGS Button above to find out details of our next meeting. AUCTIONS - Our Auctions consist of around 500+ lots of all aspects of Cyprus philately. Press the AUCTION Button above to find out about our next Auction and view the Auction List. PUBLICATIONS - The society publishes the Cyprus Circular Post (CCP) three times per year which is circulated to our membership if possible by email and at a small additional cost by post. A full archive of CCPs is available in electronic format to Members Only, this is one element of our Society Memory Stick. The Society has produced a number of significant Study Papers during its existance and is still working upon others to be published in the future. All Study Papers are available to Members Only in electronic format as part of the Society Memory Stick. Press the PUBLICATIONS Button above to see the full extent of what is available.